Cantonal Integration Office (Zurich)

Public office coordinating and promoting integration into the Canton of Zurich

Cantonal Integration Office (in English, only selected websites available)

Fachstelle für Integrationsfragen (auf Deutsch)


EURES (European Employment Services)

Public information exchange network run by public employment services of EU and EFTA countries

EURES (in English)

EURES (in German)


Portal of the Swiss Authorities Online

Public portal run by the Swiss authorities

Portal of the Swiss Authorities Online (in English)

Portal der Schweizer Behörden online (auf Deutsch)


Swiss Info

News from and about Switzerland, available in 10 languages

Swiss Info (in English)


Swiss World

Official Swiss regional studies portal run by the Federal Administration

Discover Switzerland (in English)

Die Schweiz entdecken (auf Deutsch)