Master's Students


Relocation to Switzerland


You will have to check if you need a visa in order to study and live in Switzerland. To find out if you need to apply for a visa, please refer to the website for international students

If you need a visa, please read and follow the Guidelines. All necessary information, instructions and links can be found in there. 

Registration at the Local Registration office

All international students must register at the local registration office within 14 days of entering Switzerland. Detailed information on the process can be found under Registration

On the same website you will also find information on how to extend your residence permit.


Due to the high demand of living space in Zurich, it is advisable to start looking for accommodation as early as possible. Search options, application advice and further information can be found under accommodations

The Housing Office of UZH/ETH has a small quota of rooms for new international Master’s students. These rooms are meant as a temporary solution until you have settled in and found something suitable while searching the housing market on site. All relevant information can be found on the website of the Housing Office.

Health Insurance and Other Insurances 

For relevant information about health insurance and other insurances please view insurances.

Life in Switzerland


Living expenses differ depending on your individual life-style. Nonetheless these figures (in Swiss Francs) can be regarded as a useful point of reference: cost of living.

Living in Zurich / Switzerland

Zurich and Switzerland have a lot to offer when it comes to leisure time activities. The following site about leisure time will give you an idea what you can do in your spare time.

Public Transport

Switzerland is well known for its elaborated transportation systems.

The following page provides relevant information regarding public transport in Switzerland: Public Transport 

Student Discounts

Students benefit from concessions or special student discounts in many areas, ranging from museums, restaurants, cinemas and cultural events to computer stores, hairdressers or waived account fees.

Please remember to ask if you're entitled for a student discount in shops, when you make use of services or when buying tickets.

Language Center

UZH students can benefit from courses offered by the Language Center of the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich. Beside courses in thirteen different languages and an advisory service, the following options are of special importance for international students:

German Courses:

As German language skills are important not only for your studies at the University of Zurich, but also for everyday life in Switzerland, we strongly advise all students to take a German course – even if you study in English. You can take a regular semester course during the lecture period.

Semester Courses

Self-Access Center:

At the Self-Access Center you will find plenty of material for independent language learning. There is a variety of learning tools available for German as a foreign language. You can start exploring the material available to you even before you get to Zurich through the following links:

Self-Access Center

Resource Pool

Studying at UZH

Application and Admission

The Admissions Office processes all applications of students with an international educational background for Bachelor's degree program, as well as Master's degree program, Teaching Diploma program, and Doctoral degree program.

For information about the application procedure, deadlines, forms and semester fees please refer to the UZH Admissions Office.

Please make sure to check the application deadlines for students with international qualifications!

Module Booking

General information about module booking is available here.

Detailed information about booking deadlines of the Faculties can be found on Booking Modules.

Academic Advice

If you have created a draft of your class schedule and want to discuss it with an academic advisor, feel free to contact the respective Advisory Center of your faculty. 

UZH Services

Disability Office

The UZH Disability Office helps students who have or are in any way affected by a disability. It provides information, support and resource-oriented solutions. We recommend that you contact the office at an early stage of your preparations to come to UZH.

Disability Office

Psychological Counseling Services

The Psychological Counseling Services at UZH help enrolled students when they face personal difficulties or difficulties related to their studies, for example learning barriers or overcoming exam nerves.

The counseling services are free of charge and confidential; sessions can be held in German, English, French, Italian or Spanish.

Psychological Counseling Services

Student Associations

The Student Associations of the University of Zurich represent the interests of students in the various fields of study. Their websites provide general information as well as useful tips for your studies.

Student associations at UZH

Career Services

The Career Services UZH assist students who have questions about job applications or starting their career.

Career Services


The Academic Sports Association Zurich (ASVZ) offers a wide range of sports classes, courses and camps. It is open to UZH students, employees and alumni. Depending on the activity and your function at UZH, participation may be subject to a fee. For more information visit ASVZ.