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Employment at UZH

For employment-related matters, your supervisor and UZH Human Resources are the best source of information. At ISC, we're happy to help you find the right contact person, answer general questions about working in Switzerland or support you in case of language issues.

HR has collected the basic questions on the website UZH as employer. You'll find information on the probation period, working hours, family benefits, parental leave and more topics on the following website and document.

UZH as employer

UZH terms of employment (PDF, 149 KB)

Employment as postdoctoral researcher

An employment at UZH is based on public law. Instead of a contract signed by both employee and employer, you will receive an agreement signed only by the employer. This is called an employment by means of an order ("Anstellungsverfügung"). 

As a postdoctoral researcher, you're employed non-permanently. The exact duration of your employment is stated in your employment order. A position as postdoctoral researcher is limited to six years. A position as senior teaching and/or research assistant is limited to a total of nine years (including postdoctoral years). As a project employee, your employment can last one to three years. This can be extended to up to nine years in total.

Please note that for scholars from non-EU/EFTA countries, the maximum period of studies is 8 years (including degree, doctorate and postdoctorate studies or employment). For more information, please visit the website of UZH Human Resources (partly in German, log-in required for certain webpages).

Information and Services

Due to the wide range of tasks and functions of postdoctoral researchers, information and services are divided into different categories:

UZH for Researchers focuses on research, funding and academic career development.

UZH for Teaching Staff addresses all issues regarding teaching at UZH, from quality to curricula, continuing education, coaching and many more.

UZH for Staff compiles all information on services, guidelines, offers (for instance the academic sports association ASVZ) and associations for UZH employees.

Associations and Networks at UZH

If you're interested in associations where different fields of research meet, join these UZH networking opportunities with very different scopes.

Graduate Campus

Graduate Campus (GRC) supports all junior researchers at UZH. GRC provides you with essential information and opportunities to show your research achievements within and outside the University and helps you to expand your academic network. If you are new to UZH, we recommend taking part in one of the GRC Grüezi events, a welcome event where GRC presents information aimed at easing your start at UZH. Once you have settled in, get to know UZH even better by visiting GRC events such as Science Trail, Postdoc Meet Up!, or an ongoing exhibition, all with a focus on junior researchers. To stay informed, sign up for the GRC Newsletter!

For those who would like to organize a workshop, conference or other academic event, GRC offers funding which can be applied for by junior researchers. And last but not least, GRC organizes a wide range of transferable skills courses specifically tailored to supporting the academic endeavors of postdoctoral researchers.

Graduate Campus

VAUZ – Association of doctoral students, postdocs and scientific employees of UZH

The Association of doctoral students, postdocs and scientific employees of the University of Zurich (Vereinigung akademischer Mittelbau der Universität Zürich, in short VAUZ) is the official representation of non-professorial academic staff at UZH.

As an active member of VAUZ, not only can you elect representatives for academic committees, you can also become eligible yourself. There's a small annual fee for becoming an active member which makes you eligible for the VAUZ board and UZH committees.

VAUZ organizes events and activities ranging from academic and political to social. Together with their partner organization at ETH (AVETH) and Graduate Campus, VAUZ regularly co-organizes networking meetings and opportunities to connect.

If you’re interested in university politics and/or broadening your circle of acquaintances and friends, check out the VAUZ website and sign up for their newsletter to be informed about upcoming activities.