Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships


Foreign Scholars interested in pursuing their postgraduate studies and research in Switzerland can apply for Government Excellence Scholarships from the Swiss Government.

In order to apply for a postgraduate scholarship one must hold at least a Master's Degree. A scholarship can be awarded in all disciplines and is valid at all Swiss cantonal universities, universities of applied sciences and at the two federal institutes for technology. Information on the range of PhD study programs can be found on the University's website.

 UZH PhD study programs

Federal Commission for Scholarships

Get a life-changing scholarship (PDF, 824 KB)

Will you be my supervisor? (PDF, 525 KB)

PhD and Postdocs

Below you find detailed information on the three different types of scholarships:

PhD Scholarship, full PhD degree-program (up to max. 36 months)

for highly qualified PhD students from all academic fields.Please find all relevant information in this document: 

PhD scholarship (PDF, 238 KB)

Postdoctoral Scholarship (12 months without prolongation)

for highly qualified postdoctoral fellows from all academic fields.

Please find all relevant information in this document: 

Postdoctoral scholarship (PDF, 146 KB)

Research Scholarship (12 months without prolongation)

for highly qualified postgraduate researchers from all academic fields as well as young medical doctors.

Please find all relevant information in this document: 

Research scholarship (PDF, 147 KB)

Information for Supervising Professors

Application Period

Before accepting a candidate and before issuing a letter of commitment which is a prerequisite for the scholarship applicant, a thorough consideration is recommended with regard to:

  • Academic competence
  • Quality of the research project
  • Skill to perform laboratory work independently if required by the project
  • Language proficiency
  • Personal contact and interview via Skype is highly recommended

Additional information concerning doctoral students:

  • Pre-clarification through the Admissions Office as to whether the potential candidate can be admitted to an individual doctorate at UZH
  • Personal contact and interview via Skype is mandatory
  • In case the doctorate could not be finished within 36 months, a general willingness to either financially support the student until the completion of the thesis or to support the student in applying for funds would be appreciated
  • The fellowship begins on 1 September of the respective calendar year. In general a start after 1 September is not possible

For detailed information please read the flyer by the FCS on supervising scholarship holders: 

Will you be my supervisor (PDF, 525 KB)