Academic Guests

UZH entrance

If you are visiting UZH as a researcher while on leave from your home institution, you will most likely be here as an academic guest.

Welcome Services for Academic Guests

The institutes / clinics are responsible for selecting and issuing an invitation. The inviting institutes / clinics also provide the infrastructure (workplace, e-mail, telephone, keys, UZH guest card, etc.).

Services for Academic Guests

The necessary entry and residence documents are organized by the academic guests themselves or by the inviting institutes / clinics. The ISC offers support in case of questions regarding entry (especially visa) and other non-academic matters.

Relocation to Switzerland


  • Academic guests have at least a Master's diploma.
  • You stay enrolled and/or employed at your home institution during the visit at UZH.
  • As an academic guest you are not employed or enrolled by UZH and thus not entitled to a regular salary or a transcript of records from UZH.
  • You can stay at UZH for up to 24 months (limited by the migration authorities).