Services for Academic Guests

​The university offers various services to academic guests. They are listed below for your information. Usually, the hosting institute or department will take care of the respective arrangements for you (except library and sports association access).

UZH guest and access card

If you are staying for more than two months, your institute at UZH can apply for a UZH guest card in your name. The UZH guest card is a personal badge and non-transferable. It serves as your ID card at university and entitles you to special conditions at UZH cafeterias. It can also serve as an electronic access key. In addition, you can purchase a membership for the Academic Sports Associations Zurich (ASVZ) for a fee. For more information, please visit the following website.

UZH guest card

If your stay lasts less than two months, your institute at UZH can apply for an access card, which is a non-personalized guest card. This is recommended if you need electronic access to buildings and facilities at UZH and if you regularly use the university's infrastructure.

UZH access card

E-mail account

Having an UZH e-mail account is particularly helpful when you need access to electronical ressources, especially with regard to the UZH libraries. The IT responsible of your institute or seminar can arrange an account for you. For more information on IT services, please visit the website of the Central Information Technology services.

Central Information Technology Services


Telephone connections can be arranged for academic guests by request. The application has to be made by the telecommunications delegates of your institute at UZH.


In order to gain access to the university grounds, academic guests can obtain keys for specific university buildings. For some buildings, especially on Irchel Campus, the UZH guest card can also be programmed accordingly to function as a key. Applications have to be directed at the responsible person in your faculty or institute.

UZH guest card

UZH for employees (in German)


UZH libraries are often reference libraries open to the public. Electronically they can be accessed by means of authentification via your e-mail account. In addition, a library card can be issued at the counter of all UZH libraries (free of charge). This has do be done in person. In order to receive your library card, fill in the application form and present yourself with a valid ID or passport at any UZH library.

In order to scan, print or copy documents, you will need a copy card (so-called Campus Card) which can be purchased at one of the ZSUZ shops.

Link to library application form (in German)

Overview of UZH libraries

Printing Instructions (PDF, 98 KB)

Academic Sports Association Zurich

As an academic guest, you can request a temporary membership of the Academic Sports Association Zurich (ASVZ) by producing your UZH guest card. You can find information on the application process and applying conditions on the website of the UZH card under ASVZ Eligibility. For the classes and activities on offer, visit the ASVZ website.

ASVZ Eligibility